Check out our great features provided to you and your new store, and Your Questions Answered.

Check out our great features provided to you and your new store, and Your Questions Answered.

Your Top Questions Answered

  • What do you do

    We provide Ready Made eCommerce Dropshipping stores , You can sell to anyone anywhere in the world, and in whatever currency you wish.

  • Do I get my own Store

    Yes, we provide you with a Ready Made Store which is ready loaded with 300+ products, indexed in Google, built and up and running, you simply add in your Paypal and/or card processor info and you are ready to take orders.

  • How do I make money

    When a customer pays on your store the funds go direct to you (your Paypal account or other) , you then place the order on the supplier at cost retaining the cash profit in your account, the supplier then delivers the order direct to your customer at no extra cost.

  • How much profit do I make

    The prices you see on the stores already includes profit margin. We set the margin at 100%+ on cost, this can be easily adjusted on the store control panel to whatever margin you want, on a single product or across the range.

  • Can I add more products

    Yes, you can easily add more products for free from the supplier portal using our inbuilt product importer. You can also add your own products from other suppliers.

  • Who delivers the orders

    Orders are shipped worldwide from USA, Europe and China, Delivery is typically 5-7 days in UK days for a small fee (paid by the customers). We only work with 4* rated suppliers and above to ensure reliability and reputation.

  • What if there is a return

    Naturally you are the first point of contact, but if there is a return/refund the supplier will either replace or refund, they don't usually require the item to be returned.

  • Does my store update automatically

    The store automatically updates stock levels and pricing between the store and supplier.

  • Can I get Support

    For our stores you have access to our live response support centre which includes 60+ documents on How To Marketing and Store management.

More features offered with our packages

  • Flexible Site Design

    Your site is ready built but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. You can easily apply other themes to change the layout, swap out landing page images, customise your information, change layout and button colours all with a few clicks.

  • Built-in SEO Marketing

    Don’t know your SEO, SEM from your PPC? No problem, our sites are built with SEO friendly pages, layouts and products to ensure unique descriptions and data are automatically indexed by Google, and we are here to help you with the rest.

  • 3 Click Ordering

    Running your store is 95% automated, fast, easy and from any device. When an order comes in through your site you are notified by email, log in and 3 clicks later the order is executed and the order will be on its way to your customer, direct.

  • Add more products

    Adding more products gives your customers more choice, and you more sales. With our Quick Single & Bulk Importer, you can add more products, fast. Title, descriptions and images are easily edited, and stock levels are managed automatically.

  • High Conversions

    Converting a sale is key which is why we give you several inbuilt features to increase your conversion rates including Abandoned Cart Recovery, Discount Codes, Product Reviews, Subscriber Lists, Social Media Integration, and much more.

  • Product Management 

    We have great product management features including auto stock control, auto pricing markup, discount stickers, auto stock and price updating hourly, multi-category classification, and of course unlimited products and product types.

  • More Site Features

    Our sites are built cross-device ready, Google Analytics built in, multiple payment types, inbuilt sales and traffic monitoring dashboard, simply menu driven and still HTML accessible.

  • FREE Hosting

    FREE Hosting with 99.99% uptime for 12 months . Not tied into a contract, no bandwidth limits, no payment limits, no product limits, just no limits.

  • Our Guarantee to you

    We do what we promise. For a Ready Made Store delivery is 24 Hours or 7 days for a Custom Store. 300 Products minimum, Google Indexed, fully portable store with no monthly fees and 12 months Unlimited Support, Guaranteed.